Cannock Forge
Fingers Up Fingers Down
LocationCannock Forge
Warrens Road, Marton
StatusFor Sale
ContactSteuart Welch
Phone+64 6 327 6507

This item is where I branched out into new concepts relating to my early working life. My kids would call the 60s and 70s the ‘olden days’. This was before computers and hydraulics that adjusted machines almost without operator assistance. When I was young . levers, rachets, sprogs and cogs were essential parts to any machine. I cannot say I spent a lot of time studying them at the time but now I find them a great source of inspiration. The only hay mower on our farm prior to 1967 was an old horse drawn machine that had a drawbar attached so that we towed it with a tractor, although an operator was still required to sit on said machine . His job was to lift the mowing bar at the corners and check adjustments as the job processed. The mowing bar could be tilted up or down so that the fingers on the front could get under the hay crop. This sculpture is modelled on a casting used to make this happen so I have called this piece ”Fingers up Fingers Down”. Have you got that clear now!