About me

Welcome to the official website of Steuart Welch, I am an artist who uses steel to express his unique artistic vision. I works primarily with corten steel, employing techniques of twisting, bending, cutting, and welding to create captivating outdoor sculptures. My freestyle engineering approach adds a distinct abstract quality to my artwork. Ranging from small indoor pieces to large outdoor structures standing as tall as 4 meters, These sculptures showcase the versatility and creativity that can be achieved with steel as a medium.

I am open to commissions, ensuring that each project bears an artistic mark. I resides in a rural area located 12 kilometers north of Marton, where my extensive collection of sculptures is proudly displayed in a expansive garden.

Visits to view his artwork can be arranged by appointment.

Despite the seemingly contrasting interests, I find inspiration in the intersection of dairy farming, rugby, and art. My diverse background adds depth and character to his creations, making them a true reflection of his life experiences.

One of the opportunities to witness my remarkable sculptures is during the Artists Open Studios Whanganui event. As a participant in this prestigious showcase, I exhibit my giant, industrial sculptures made from corten steel at Paloma Gardens near Fordell. Due to safety considerations, the workshop remains closed to the public. However, the sculptures find their perfect display on a sloping lawn that leads to a picturesque lake at Paloma Gardens, owned by Clive and Nicki Higgie.

My artistic journey began around 12 years ago when I started experimenting with steel. Since then, it has evolved into a profound passion, becoming an essential part of my identity. As a self-taught artist, I have developed unique engineering techniques, personally adapting them to suit my artistic objectives. Every piece of steel used is meticulously cut and shaped by hand, showcasing the dedication and craftsmanship behind his creations.

Corten steel, known for its rusting properties due to its copper content, proves to be an ideal material for artwork. It attains a certain level of rust, enhancing the aesthetic appeal while maintaining the structural integrity of the metal.

The artistic process can be described as a form of performance art. Each sculpture takes approximately three weeks to complete, followed by a two-month period of rusting on the lawn. This intentional rusting adds a weathered and organic quality to the pieces, further enhancing their visual impact.

Sculptures often incorporate shapes that emerge from imagination, while others draw inspiration from everyday objects. For instance, “Fingers Up, Fingers Down” is an exact replica of a section of a hay mower, magnified 16 times. My connection with each artwork evolves throughout the creative process, resulting in a distinct relationship between the artist and the finished piece.

Explore this website to delve deeper into my captivating steel sculptures. Immerse yourself in the creative journey of an artist who transforms steel into thought-provoking and visually stunning works of art. with unique techniques and dedication to the artistic process, I invite you to experience the power and beauty of steel as an artistic medium.


Steuart Welch